Judas’s Biggest Mistake


Last night at my churches Good Friday service I portrayed Judas through drama.  My monologue started with the fact that no young boys would ever be named Judas.

Judas has gone down in infamy for selling out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, but that was not his biggest mistake.

It is easy to forget that Judas was just as much of a disciple as the other 11.  Peter betrayed Christ too, not in the same way, but he did.  However he made it to Sunday, but Judas didn’t.

Judas’s biggest mistake is he didn’t make it to Sunday.

He gave up.  He didn’t wait for Jesus to fix it all (like He did for Peter).  Instead he took matters into his own hands.

While on the cross Jesus said “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) Do you think Judas was included in that prayer?  I do know that the grace made possible by Jesus’ death on a cross would have covered Judas just like it does you and me.

Do you need to receive God’s grace?  No matter how much you have messed up Jesus still loves you.  Choose the path Peter did and patch up your relationship with God.

thankful hands

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