Simple yet Effective



This word is quickly becoming the definition of our culture.  There is so much to consume, so much to read, watch, and play.  Every moment can easily be filled with a swipe of the screen.  Yet, with all the access we could ever want, is it helping us to accomplish what God has entrusted to us to accomplish?

Time management and busyness have always been major issues in ministry.  The real question should be if we are spending our time on things that really matter.  What sucks time out of your day that with one small adjustment could return huge time dividends?

Courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Courtesy of Stuart Miles at

For me it is email.  Every time I grab my phone I check it…all four email addresses.  And almost every time there are new messages; mainly because of all the lists my addresses have ended up on.  Realizing how much time I waste deleting emails, I have started unsubscribing from many of them.  Although the time I get back is minimal at first, the biggest return is my distraction level.

What simple yet effective change can you make in your daily routine?  Is it using the unsubscribe link, or limiting social media time, or just closing the door to your office?  A seemingly small change can return big results. I dare you to make a change!

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