Long Overdue Update


Light purple stacked clear pagesAs I logged into this site today, I realized it has been six months since my last post, wow how time flies by.  So much has happened in these past months with changing jobs (and churches), selling our house, building a new house (that is almost done!), and starting a whole new chapter for the Seidels.

Obviously blogging, along with speaking, selling books, and anything other than a smooth transition for my family and church has been on the back burner.  For that reason, likely hardly anyone will actually read this post, but thank you if you have stuck with me this far.

I’m not making any promises on whether this site will even stay up, I am seeking God and evaluating everything as I decide what I will pursue and not pursue moving forward.

However, I am excited to report that God has truly been with me every
step of this transition, and I see Him continuing to work every day.  I feel incredibly blessed to be leading Oregon Trail Church of God and I am excited to watch God move in this church and our surrounding community.

I invite you to jump over to our freshly launched church website and check out some of what I have been up to.  oregontrailchurch.com

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