January 2018


Hello! As you already know (especially if you are a follower, if anyone is still left) that I have not been writing for almost three years. When I came to Oregon Trail and jumped into being a Lead Pastor, one of the commitments I made to God and my wife is that I would leave the writing/speaking life behind and focus 100% on the church and on our family. This decision has been a good one and I have no regrets. God has been so good to me in so many ways.

Now, as I start a whole new year, I have a few things on my mind that I would like to share:

  1. Thank you Brian Wangler for letting me come share with your staff a seminar I have not taught in a few years. I had a blast getting to meet your staff and hang with you, hopefully I wasn’t too rusty. And thank you God for letting me experience something I truly love doing again, I hope to do more in the future if God allows.
  2. Thank you Oregon Trail for granting me a one month sabbatical time, with one of the goals being to start writing another book. I have no idea if this book will be published or not…but I feel I need to write it anyway. Stay tuned for what God will do with that, if anything.
  3. Thank you for praying with me as my family has entered into the journey of adoption. We have yet to bring a baby girl into our family, but are trusting God to finish the story. We have done everything we can do until we get connected to a birth mom, all the paperwork is done, home study is approved, and lawyer waiting. God has to do His part now. Please continue to pray and share our updated family profile (see below) with anyone who will look at it, we have faith that she is out there and God will unite us.

Thanks for reading and thank you for praying!

Seidel Family Profile updated

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