Create an Irresistible Volunteer Culture


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The hardest part about leading a team of volunteers isn’t finding them, it is keeping them.  To keep volunteers you need a culture that allows them to thrive, and that doesn’t happen by accident.  This practical guide will not only get you started, but set you and your ministry on the road toward the irresistible volunteer culture you know you need.  

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Book Intro:

       Volunteers play an important role in any church or ministry. I am so glad that you are interested in pursuing a culture that is “irresistible” to volunteers. Whether you are just beginning a volunteer program, or would like to improve the one you have, I believe you will find this book rewarding. Yes, this book is about leading volunteers, but it is just as much about you, as it is about them.  Thank you for trusting me with a few hours of your busy life; this is going to be a great journey!

My intention in keeping this book short and practical is to give you a springboard to get started immediately.  Before we get started, I want to point out two things to keep in mind as you read this book:

  1.  The information and concepts in this book are not new or groundbreaking. However, I don’t believe something has to be new or groundbreaking to be valuable; it just has to work.  These concepts have worked for me, many others around me, and those that have come before me—they will work for you too.
  2.  I have spent many years in youth ministry, so my stories and experiences come from the youth ministry context.  However, if you are leading a different ministry, other than youth ministry, the concepts will still be helpful.  When I use the terms “teenager” or “student,” just mentally replace them with “child,” or “men,” or whatever ministry you lead.

Now that we have cleared that up, please know that I have prayed for you, the ministry you lead, and all the volunteers involved.  You are my hero for taking on this challenge!  Let’s get down to business.

4″ x 6″ handbook size
4 Chapters, 98 pgs.
Create an Irresistible Volunteer Culture

© 2014 by Brian Seidel. All Right Reserved.

Published by In His Grip Publishing in the United States of America

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