Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.
1 Corinthians 11:1 (NIV)

Brian loves to teach the Bible and is open to just about any event that needs sound Bible teaching. Brian’s primary goal any time he speaks is to communicate that the Bible is true and we should do what it says.

“He brings the WORD to life. Brian Seidel will not disappoint you.”
– Angie Nicholes, Truth Event

Student Messages:

Brian has been speaking to teenagers for 15 years, and can adapt a message for just about any event or camp environment.  Some of his favorite topics/passages include: The Sermon on the Mount, Revelation/end times, Identity as a Christ follower, Sexual Integrity/purity, and Evangelistic/Gospel message sermons.

Training Seminars:

Youth Ministry on a Biblical Foundation

This seminar uses scripture to identify not just how to build a healthy and sustainable youth ministry, but why.  If the foundation is flawed eventually the entire thing will tumble; this seminar will help every youth worker to strengthen their foundation. (This seminar contains content found in Brian’s book Flimsy Ministry)

Creating an Irresistible Volunteer Culture

Every church needs volunteer teams, but not every church is good at developing and leading them.  This seminar will give practical and proven tools on recruiting, managing, and keeping volunteers for the long haul. (This seminar contains content found in Brian’s book Create an Irresistible Volunteer Culture)

Click Here to hear podcasted messages by Brian

To talk with Brian about speaking at your event please fill out the form below.

*Please be aware, the roles of Husband, Dad, and Pastor take priority over outside speaking opportunities for Brian.  Before he will accept your request it will be filtered through several people close to him; if you get a “no” it is because these people will not allow him to get his life out of balance.

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