It’s Saturday


Here we are, Saturday of holy week.  Have you ever wondered why Saturday is a part of holy week?  I really haven’t ever thought about it until today; but I think God must have had a reason for waiting 3 days.

Obviously we know the significance of Friday.  Christ died on Friday, everything came to a head, it all hit the fan.  Jesus said he was going away and it happened.  Everyone that wanted Jesus out of their life and off the religious scene finally got their way.  God turned his back to sin and Jesus finished it.

And we have Sunday, the resurrection.  Time to celebrate that God solved the equation, God is still a righteous judge, the wages of sin is still death, and yet I can be forgiven by grace.  The cross is empty, Jesus is alive, and suddenly everything makes sense.  Sunday is the year of jubilee, life is good, and I know the truth and it has set me free.

But what about Saturday?  Think about the disciples on Saturday.  Just a few days ago they were still kicking it with Jesus and all was fine.  Now Jesus is dead and they are left to pick up the pieces.  Imagine mentally going over everything Jesus said and did, wondering what exactly everything meant, and wondering what might happen next.  Everything changed in the matter of a few hours and here they are, alone.  Imagine Peter on Saturday, that had to have been the longest 3 days of his life.  I can imagine the one word that would define Saturday is silent.  Silent Saturday.

As I think about this, I realize there have been several times in my life and in my faith that it has been Saturday.  I have hit rock bottom and I know what I hope for, but all I find is silence.

Perhaps you look around and it is Saturday in your life.  Maybe it is Saturday in your ministry.  We all have Saturdays.  But you know what?  Sunday will come.  God will show up.  It might be only a day away, or perhaps it might be longer, but no matter what know that Sunday is coming!

Judas’s Biggest Mistake


Last night at my churches Good Friday service I portrayed Judas through drama.  My monologue started with the fact that no young boys would ever be named Judas.

Judas has gone down in infamy for selling out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, but that was not his biggest mistake.

It is easy to forget that Judas was just as much of a disciple as the other 11.  Peter betrayed Christ too, not in the same way, but he did.  However he made it to Sunday, but Judas didn’t.

Judas’s biggest mistake is he didn’t make it to Sunday.

He gave up.  He didn’t wait for Jesus to fix it all (like He did for Peter).  Instead he took matters into his own hands.

While on the cross Jesus said “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34) Do you think Judas was included in that prayer?  I do know that the grace made possible by Jesus’ death on a cross would have covered Judas just like it does you and me.

Do you need to receive God’s grace?  No matter how much you have messed up Jesus still loves you.  Choose the path Peter did and patch up your relationship with God.

thankful hands